Cheat Engine Apk For Android Latest Version

Cheat Engine Apk is a hacking tool that can be used to hack into some of the popular android games and it is compatible with most of the Android phones, with it, you can hack into, i.e modify or make changes into games and apps, and get ahead of all the players.

Cheat Engine For Android
Cheat Engine For Android

Winning the game and reaching the top is the goal of most hard core gamers and they would like to get there anyway, via hard work by persistence or you can definitely make use of Cheat Engine for Android, it makes the journey towards winning the game slightly less hard for the hard core gamers or players.

Cheat Engine Apk Download For Android 2017

Cheat Engine Apk Features,

1. Can be connected to local or remote processes through IP.

2. It Scans for value type for example, for 1, 2, 4, 8 Bytes, Double, Float, Array of Byte, String,

3. The scan types include the following, exact value, smaller than,  bigger than, between or unknown.

4. These values can even be scanned in hexadecimal form,

There is a “fast scan” feature, which is compatible with most games.

5. It can particularly scan either read-only or paged memory

6. There is a drop-down list from which you can select either process or application.

7. It has a simple and easy interface for hacking android games and even some apps.

8. It is an open source tool for all devices to hack all Apps & Games.

9. you can change icons with it.

10. Get rid of the unnecessary apps that run in background by deleting them.

11. We have already covered this before but it can scan all apps & games that have been installed on your device.

12. There are many configuration modes.


How to Install Cheat Engine For Android Phones

As this file is not from google play store as this is a games and apps hacking tool, you will have to get it from the link provided below or from any of your trusted source, Now before you begin the installation process go to the settings, then select security in that you will have to enable the “Unknown Sources” only then will cheat engine apk be installed on your phone.

Step 1: First, you have to download Cheat Engine apk for Android from the official source.

Step 2: Go to your file manager, find the cheat engine apk and tap on it to install cheat engine, it will be done in just a few moments.

Step 3: Launch and start the CheatEngine.

Step 4: Now open one of your games.

Step 5: Then in the Cheat engine list, find the process of game you have opened.

Step 6: Once you find it, you can open the process.

Cheat Engine ApkCheat Engine Apk
Cheat Engine Apk

Step 7: Now suppose the value of coins is 1000. purchase something in the game to decrease the value till 800.

Step 8: Now in the Cheat Engine you will clearly be able to see value 1000 decrease and become 800.

Step 9: Next you can add the location of the coins value to the list present in list tab, make sure that it is “active” and only then change the value ex: 88888.

Step 10: Once you are back in the game you will find out the coins value has become 88888.


Installing Cheat Engine on PC:

If you want to install cheat engine on pc for android games then you will have to do it via an android emulator, one such emulator is bluestacks.


Step 1: Download Bluestacks from the official source.

Step 2: Install it on your pc by following the instructions on the screen.

Step 3: Once it is installed, then download the Cheat Engine Apk from the above-given download link.

Step 4: Next open the file with bluestacks and then follow exactly the same procedure from Step 7 in the installation process of Cheat engine on Android devices.

Cheat Engine can also be installed for just PC video Games here is how you can do it in short:

Step 1: Go to the official site and download the File for PC, here is the link to it.

Step 2: Download a game that you have decided to hack with Cheat Engine.

Step 3: Now open both of them once they are installed.

Step 4: Next open the process in cheat engine window, select your game process and you can make the required modification to the values of coins.

Although Cheat Engine has made sure to cover many of the android devices, there are still some android devices which cannot access Cheat Engine and its multitude of useful features, for such users here are a few Cheat Engine Apk alternatives.

1. Leo PlayCard – it is one of the latest hacking tools, that not only hack into most of the games but even is able to hack into app purchases of few premium applications, and whats best is that you don’t have to root your phone when you get this hacking tool.

2. Game Killer – The name of this cheat engine alternative is itself enough to describe the kind of services it provides, with the game killer a player can get access to unlimited coins which can cover the difference between a loss and win in a game. It is compatible with most of the android devices and has features that are very similar to Cheat Engine Apk.


Wrapping up,

Cheat Engine was developed with the purpose to provide hard core gamers and players a means to win even the unbeatable levels and to lighten the load for some players who don’t think it’s unethical to get help from hacking tools like cheat engine. It works smoothly in providing users coins or golds or whatever type of currency they have to modify in the game, most of the gaming runs on these currencies as the resources, equipment and sometimes manpower has to be bought by using these.

So having enough of coins can make the final decision of whether the player can make it in the game or not. This apk should work on most of the android devices but if it doesn’t happen to be compatible with your android phone you can always try out the two alternatives that have been suggested.